About Us

About Us

Institute of Mining Metallurgical and Petroleum Enginners (IMMPE)

IMMPE (U) is a professional institute that brings together all professionals from mining, metallurgy, petroleum and otherrelated engineering disciplines. It serves as a platform for these professionals to network, share insights and stay updated onthe latest industry trends and advancements. In collaboration with both national and international engineering societies,

IMMPE fosters innovative and sustainable solutions to address the challenges facing Uganda’s energy and mining sectors,driving progress and growth.


Nearly 10 years ago, a visionary group of mining, petroleum and other engineering professionals, led by Hon, Eng. Jonard Asiimwe and secretary Ms Sarah, laid foundation for the Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers (IMMPE Uganda). Starting its journey in Uganda’s Albertine region, the organisation embarked on a journey to promote excellence,innovation, progress and sustainability within the engineering industry. In 2018, IMMPE was officially incorporated andcontinues to solidify its presence and commitment to empowering professionals and shaping the industry’s future.


Society of Mining Engineers


IMMPE Uganda Started in the year 2014

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Our Values, Vision and Mission

Diversity Statement

In principle and in practice, IMMPE and all its leadership value and seek diverse and inclusive participation within the mining and minerals community.

IMMPE promotes involvement and expanded access to leadership opportunity regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, nationality, or disability.

IMMPE is committed to creating an environment that draws upon the strength of the diversity of our Board and Committee leaders to meet and exceed the expectations of our members and customers.

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Since its inception, IMMPE has continued to evolve over the years to stay abreast of industry changes and to reflect the ever-broadening interests of its members.

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    The Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, Petroleum, and Energy Engineers unites the most skilled and committed professionals across mining, metallurgy, petroleum, oil and gas, and the broader energy sector



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